What is Watauga Opportunities, Inc?

Watauga Opportunities, Inc is a private not-for-profit organization working with people who have barriers to employment. These are competent, capable adults who may have suffered a stroke, overcome a chemical dependency, or who have varied physical or mental abilities. These persons may have faced a crisis in their personal life or to their health.

At Watauga Opportunities, we enable participants to become more self-reliant by overcoming barriers to employment. Those involved in our program are offered a menu of services including job screening, training, placement, coaxing and support. With the support of our program and expertise in our manufacturing facility, they develop job skills that can be used in area businesses.


An Employment Resource for the Community...

We serve as an employment resource for the community. We provide trained, dedicated, enthusiastic workers, who boost morale in the workplace. A variety of local businesses including grocery stores, restaurants, motels, and industries are enjoying many benefits as a result of hiring these employees.

In addition, our high school jobs program motivates students to stay in school and to become confident, productive citizens.


We Are Also An Industry...

Our on-site industrial facility generates approximately half of our operating revenue. Here, program participants’ work alongside production staff, manufacturing and packaging items for such businesses as Cordis Medical Products, IRC, Greer Laboratories, and Coats & Clark.

"A lot of businesses think they are just being altruistic when they hire one of our clients. Three or four months later, they tell us the person’s the best employee they have."


Enabling Self-Reliance...

Our programs enable individuals to become self-reliant through employment. As an added benefit, tax receivers become taxpayers. As our participants move into the work force, the government dollars that had previously supported them are reduced. In fact, they start paying taxes. This creates a deep sense of pride for participants, while benefiting the entire community.


A Smart Business Decision...

Organizations hiring people involved in our program make a smart business decision, while joining a winning team. They benefit from employing trained, motivated, loyal individuals who are excited about their work.

As an added bonus, our screening, placement, training, and even retraining services are provided free of charge to employers.

In the event an employer is dissatisfied with the performance of one of these employees, we will correct the situation. We can re-train that person or find someone better suited for the job – again, free for the employer.

Before we consider our job done, the employer must be completely satisfied.