The purpose of this study is to provide non-biased test results in generic form of the most commonly used contract fabrics for assisting in the decisions of specifying products to meet the standards as set forth in the California Technical Bulletin #133.

It was the goal of this project to comprehensively test and evaluate, within budget constraints, the most common contract fabrics used as COM upholstery in relationship to meeting the requirements of California Technical Bulletin #133 in worst case scenario furniture mock-up assemblies.

After conducting extensive full scale California Technical Bulletin #133 tests, and small scale (bench) cone calorimeter tests, the FULL SCALE results of performance are herein published in layman's terms for use by all in our industry and related industries who can benefit.  This document is intended to aid interior designers, architects, facility managers, end users, manufacturers, jobbers and converters, and any other fabric or furniture specifier, in the design and selection of compatible components for use in California Technical Bulletin #133 compliant assemblies.

The data presented here should be considered for screening and general information purposes only.  Changing the compositions in any manner may lead to substantially different results.  The test results for each product category tested in this study do not necessarily represent or define all products in that category.

This document is intended to be used as a guidance tool and not the final authority for California Technical Bulletin #133 assemblies.  ACT, DFA and the Joint Industry Consortium will not be responsible for any final product nor its performance.

The items are listed in generic form, and the test results are not to be used for promotion of any product or company, nor are they to be published without the written consent of the ACT/DFA Joint Industry Flammability Study Steering Committee.

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